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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Growing Mosaic and Jewelry Supply Business

I have to admit that getting into online sales several years ago was a bit overwhelming and even now I am far from being an expert, but I feel that I have a fairly good handle on how it works. I have grown my supply shop on Etsy by constantly adding new products. I started on Etsy in 2008 with just a few mosaic tiles for sale and have expanded to an average of 400 listings that include mosaic tiles, pendant and ring blanks, adhesives, Artistic Brand Craft Wire, and many more items. I am forever searching for new items to add... and I get to have fun shopping!

I even started a newsletter that I am hoping to send out via email on a monthly basis. You can sign up here to receive special offers that are only available to those who sign up!

Here are a few of the jewelry supply products that I recently added to my shop!

 Shhhh... Here's a coupon code for my blog followers... use coupon code BLOG10... for 10% off your order from my Nipped & Cut shop

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