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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birdhouse with Polymer Clay Tiles

I wanted to make a mosaic birdhouse. After thinking over what I would like to do, I decided to use polymer clay to make my own tiles. I wanted something very bright and I couldn't find a china pattern or even stained glass that I wanted to use.

The colors I used were a hot pink, bright orange, green apple, voilet, red, blue, and yellow. It was my first time making a project using primarily polymer clay, so it was a challenge for me. I had some fabulous help and guidance from another etsy seller who has become a good friend. Her name is Betsy and her etsy shop can be found at

I added a couple tiles before I took the first photo, but this is basically what I started with:

I had the make all of the polymer clay tiles and for the birdhouse which was the most time consuming part of the whole project. I covered the individual tiles with tape before adhereing them to the birdhouse. I did use some stained glass which can be seen around the bottom and along the edges of the roof.

The next step was grouting the birdhouse. Since this is a 3D mosaic, grouting was a little trickier than grouting a flat mosaic, but somehow I managed. Here it is finished:


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Love your birdhouses!!

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India said...

wow!Great inspiration.This looks so interesting and fabulous..Thanks for sharing!!I am always try to do something new with my clay tiles